We have kittens now!!!
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We ship our kittens to all 50
states the U.K., Canada,
Switzerland, Germany, France
and many many other countries!!
Our cattery is located in  North Carolina but we ship to all over the United States and many other countries. We specialize
in Savannah cats and Bengals. There are a lot of start up catteries so stick with catteries that have been around and have
learned a trick or two in producing the biggest kittens with the best personalities.
Most of our kittens are hand raised
and fed with a bottle. These kittens are especially sweet and the most loving kittens available anywhere!
We are
members of the T.I.C.A, Savannah Cat Club, and T.I.B.C.S.. To inquire about having one of these special kittens for your
own please contact us at:
Paul and Beth Beeson   email
 aaasavannahs@yahoo.com      phone number 336-473-1847
We have been raising Savannahs and Bengals for 11 years. We strive to make the perfect Savannah/Bengal kitten with all
the exotic looks and the lap cat personalities that people want in a Savannah kitten or Bengal kitten. We ship all over the
U.S.A. and several other countries  We  accept credit cards through Paypal ,cash or check.
Savannah kitten waiting for
someone to wake up and play!
AAA Savannahs and Bengals
One of the questions we get is,
"Do Savannahs and Bengal
kittens get along with dogs?"
This kitten seems to fit right in at
his new home playing with his
new buddy. Yes, they bond  
great with other breeds and
other pets!
Bengal Pictures
We produce some of the best
kittens in the world!!!
Savannah Pictures
F3 Savannah kitten
Help Mommie !!!
F2 Savannah kitten with
dark markings
Young F3 female
Owner- Paul Beeson
Cell # 336-473-1847
We belong to Bengal Breeders
Our Savannahs originated
from a huge serval pictured
above. He didnt like the